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The very first clutch of griffin chicks has hatched!
You can bring one of these sweethearts home for $350 USD plus $15 shipping (within the US). Please contact me  at tina@biliousworks.com if interested or have any questions. First-come-first-served, please specify which critter you would like to make your new little pal!


Green Chick
(clutch 1, #1)

    This parrot-like chick is the runt of the litter, but his siblings are happy to look out for him. He’s full of curiosity and has a habit of getting into things he shouldn’t.


Pink Chick
(clutch 1, #2)

    The iridescent sister is proud of her plumage, and knows very well she can get away with most anything with one look from her big silver eyes. She has a penchant for shiny things and might have a bit of dragon in her, so if anything goes missing, simply check her nest.


Blue Chick
(clutch 1, #3) AVAILABLE

    This Jay-like chick is the laziest of the bunch, enjoying lounging about and getting tummy rubs. His favorite food is grapes, so beware when you have them around him!

Each original art doll is hand made and one of a kind! These art pieces are meant for display and enjoyment by adult collectors and not intended for children.

Heads and feet are hand cast in urethane plastic then hand painted. Bodies are made of high quality feaux-fur, hand stitched and colored.  Contains a wire armature in the neck, arms and wings for poseability. Wings are made of painted felt. Hind legs are weighted with beans so griffins may stand up on all fours if desired!

Chicks measure 14-15 inches in length from beak to tail tip, about 6-7 inches tall from talon to ear tip.

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