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Want something unique?
My commission prices range depending on complexity and scale of what you request, so please do not hesitate to drop me a line for a quote! Reference images help the process along, but if you are looking for an original design, I can supply illustrative design concepts at an extra charge.

How does payment work?
I accept paypal and usually require 50% payment up front to cover cost of materials, and 50% and shipping costs upon completion after you have approved finished photos of the work. I am happy to share progress reports, updates and photos along the way for feedback, and try to stay in communication with you to make sure your prop is perfect.

Could you make...?
Even if it’s not my fandom, I am always open for yours! Please do not hesitate to toss me a line. Originals, fan-creations, and more, my talents and services are at your disposal! Props, Puppetry and Practical Effects of all sorts are my specialty.

Got more questions?
Drop me an email!

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