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Ready to conquer lands? Spread wrath? Just look fabulous? Then these horns are for you! Hand made, lightweight horns with armor crown are the perfect accessory for those who have a little demon in them. Weighs little more than a baseball cap, you'll forget that you grew nearly an extra foot taller! Each are made to order, so when buying please send me an additional note with your head measurement, and color preferences for both armor piece and the horns themselves! Strap has an adjustable area of velcro in the back for the perfect fit.

Design etched into the armor is also customizable, or you can leave it to me to come up with a unique design for you! Shape of horns is also lightly customizable, please let me know if you would prefer them as-is, more twisted, or straighter. Volume of horns for this Large version will remain the same.

Small Horns: $275
Large Horns: $300

Inquiries, please email tina@biliousworks.com

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