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Misc. Other Props

Kung Fu Panda inspired Fan

Kung Fu Panda inspired Fan

Plague Doctor Mask

Corpse Bride Veil

Sleepy Hollow - Crane's Goggles

Edward Scissorhands

Aladdin Inspired Knife

Visit the Space Pirates Website!
Work done for the independent  film Space Pirates,
currently in development.

Misc. Props:

Space Money

Space Coil:
Original Design “Hodge Podge”  replacement spaceship engine Part

Space Coil Side View Lit Blue

Space Coil

Space Coil Rear View unlit

Space Coil Rear View Unlit

Space Coil Detail


Misc. Behind the Scenes

T on the Chop Saw

Scrap Metal

Grappling Gun Process

Grappling Gun Progress

Grappling Gun Progress: Plastics

Sand Tram Engine Prototype

Sand Tram Passanger Car Prototype

Sandtram Mold parts



T's Supervisor

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